Direct Marketing Consultancy

Direct Marketing to Reach Out To Your Most Potential Customers

Direct marketing consultancy measures are among the most effective ways of reaching out to buyers. More than half of all people have purchased as a result of these techniques. Their application is by far the most profitable and efficient way to induce people to buy a company's products or services.

All companies and organizations recognize the value of direct marketing, and they all employ it in some way or other. It is in fact essential for your business to survive, if your competitors have marketing schemes. Do you require the services of a direct marketing consultancy firm to get your message across more efficiently?

Among the direct marketing consultancy firms, Penner-Madison is preeminent in Thailand. Over the last six years, we have built a reputation for providing marketing and communication services to many companies and organizations.

Advantages of Our Direct Marketing Services

The advantages of our direct marketing consultancy services simply cannot be overlooked. We examine the consumer behavior pattern of your product and we assist in identifying and segmenting your market. We derive a greater understanding of your customer base, which helps us identify your target market more accurately.

Our direct marketing consultancy service identifies key purchasing decision-makers in the market profile and recommends strategies that are most effective yet profitable. It is cost-saving because merchandising needs to be done only for the specific target audience.

This gives you more control than any other forms of marketing. Depending on your potential buyers, you can personalize your promotional campaign to suit the interests and needs of each customer individually. Moreover, direct marketing consultancy measures generate an immediate response from your customers.

Range of Services

Penner-Madison has wide research experience and extensive consumer profiles which will greatly enhance the effectiveness of your direct marketing approaches. The direct marketing consultancy services we offer include:

  • direct mail
  • telemarketing
  • catalogue selling
  • response advertising
  • Internet selling
  • design and production of direct marketing materials and other corroborative items
  • management of direct marketing campaigns
  • invitations and database management

Our direct marketing consultancy strategies define quantifiable objectives and our schemes include allowance for flexibility as required. Thus, results are not only predictable but also measurable so that your future marketing plans may incorporate changes that are applicable.

In the end, your customer satisfaction and retention are what matter. We devise successful but cost-efficient direct marketing consultancy programs that will drive home your product's USP to the consumers.

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