Effective Meeting Planning

Conducting an Effective Meeting - Planning and Organization

For an effective meeting, planning, organization, and coordination of its various aspects is necessary. The larger the scale of the meeting, the more resources - by way of finance, manpower, skill, time and information - it needs.

You or your firm may want to organize an event of any kind: a gathering of your friends, a corporate party, a client meeting, seminars and promotional campaigns for your firm. Do you require professional help in effective meeting planning to mobilize the resources in hand to pull off an event successfully?

Penner Madison has made a name for itself in the field of effective meeting planning and event organization. We are a Thailand-based company, and for the past six years we have hosted numerous events and meetings for many firms of top reputation.

Making every meeting a success

We are known for our expertise, professionalism and quality service, and that makes us the first preference of many organizations. And through our effective meeting planning, we want to make your events successful too. We understand what you want, and we use all of the available resources together with the latest in management and technology to make your programs achieve their targets.

We have relationships with several leading hospitality service providers in the hotel, travel and tourism, information technology, entertainment, and catering industries, and we guarantee that what we deliver is the best there is to offer. For every effective meeting, planning and coordination from start to end is done by our team of dedicated staff.

What you benefit from is an effective meeting whose planning leaves nothing to chance, work that meets deadlines, professionalism that is unparalleled, details that are taken care of in their entirety, and where your message is conveyed clearly.

Our Mode of Operation

When we team up with you, you are assigned a group of talented executives who work on every aspect of your event - working towards an effective meeting planning and execution curriculum. We examine your goals, the objective of the meeting, and the resources and budget in hand. The agenda is reviewed and staffing is undertaken.

Details of the meeting are worked out, site selection and venue setup are facilitated, the delegates/attendees are identified using the most efficient database management tools, and additional support in audio-visual equipment and speaker services is arranged. Coordination is extensive for an effective meeting: planning is detailed, and all activities are comprehensive.

Promotion of the event is tailored to your business needs and sponsorship packages are also prepared. Real-time information is provided on the spot and a post-event review and budget reconciliation is conducted. For every effective meeting, planning includes checks for deviations from the main objective.

Professional Help for Your Events

In other words, we do everything. Our timely work and ability to meet deadlines will show you why we rank highly among successful, well-managed and effective meeting planning and organization firms. It is because we put your aspirations in front and prioritize your visions.

Our clients include companies such as VERITAS Software, Palm (Singapore), Sun Microsystems (Thailand) and Reuters Software. They all testify to our successful and effective meeting planning programs.

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