Event Management Asia

You want to launch your product in Asia but are confused about whom to contact for event management? Here is the answer you are looking for - Penner-Madison.

Providing a fully customized support structure for all your marketing needs, Penner-Madison has been introducing new concepts, generating responses and developing markets for its clients since 1997.

We are a company engaged in event management in Asia. Our other services include:

Event Management

Our in-house team of event management professionals works in a structured process which includes:

Event Conceptualization
Pre-Event Planning
Event Management
Post-Event Management
Event Wrap-up

Event Planning

In planning for your event, we take care of practically everything and anything you can think of such as venue, date and time fixation; designing invitations, confirming with the sub-vendors and contractors, positioning spot personnel, provisioning contingency support, creating a help desk, keeping a total customer QRT, maintaining MIS reports, and planning for complimentary commercial or business gifts.

Our job is over, only when you are satisfied and cannot ask for anything except handing over all event related document along with the actual cost. So, Click here to register yourself for an event today.

Clients First

This has been our approach ever since we first opened. We provide our services in keeping with the needs of our clients, the nature of the product/service, budget and the target audience. Yes, we are talking of personalized services that are tailor made specifically for you. We have worked for clients in sectors like Technology, Media, and Service related industries. Some of their names are:

  • 3K Battery Company Limited
  • 3M (Thailand)
  • Aidea Publicists (Singapore)
  • AP Communications (Singapore)
  • Sun Microsystems (Thailand)
  • VERTITAS Software

So when you will be our next client, contact us at info@penner-madison.com.

Time to Market

This is one of the important factors for introducing any product/service in any geographical market. For example, holding an event in Asia with a theme to promote 4G technology at a time when consumers have yet to adopt net habits or cell phone users are not in sufficient numbers could prove to be a waste of money.

We analyze, conceptualize and develop our marketing strategies after thorough research on our client's products and their market. Allow us to conduct research for your business.

Our Specialty

By providing a fully integrated marketing solution, you need not look for any other service provider to launch products or to create designs for your brochures. We are a One-Stop Solution for all kinds of marketing as well as after sales services. We plan, execute, manage and wrap up all of our services with proper strategies and objectives.

From a trade fairs in Asian countries such as Thailand, to seminars and workshops in places like Singapore and Hong Kong, we proactively reach out to assist our clients in formulating clear policies either for event management or for media management. Register yourself today!

Our Strength

Our team along with our experience is our strength. One of our biggest advantages is that we know Asian markets. With its diverse cultures, economies, and quality of life, Asia has emerged as one of the biggest markets for the US. We understand that and employ our understanding while keeping in touch with leading media houses, corporations who influence government and markets, and of course with the people.

We help your business to grow, reach us at info@penner-madison.com.

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