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Do you need event management services in Thailand or across the globe to host an event, conference, seminar, product launch, exhibition, party, social gathering? Do you need professional help with resources, manpower, methodology, or logistics?

Even with vast resources on-hand, do you have that extra edge in event management that is so vital for your firm? Your clients and partners may be based in Thailand or be global, so you need to cater to their needs accordingly. Allow us to help you. Register with us today!

Penner-Madison is a leading event management firm in Thailand. We offer services to our clients that assist in organizing promotional events of various kinds. They include advertising campaigns, product launches, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, high-clientele meetings, promotional and sales programs, and symposia.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

We have conducted numerous event management programs in Thailand and worldwide over the past six years. Our clients include a growing number of national and multinational companies, covering a broad range of industries and varying in size from individuals and small firms, to medium-sized concerns and large corporations.

We understand your needs and realize that you want to make your presence felt in today's markets. We want to help you achieve your dreams and aspirations, and know the lasting value of a job well done. At Penner-Madison we pool together the best ideas and resources in event management in Thailand to ensure that every activity of yours is a success.

Our clients include:

  • Sun Microsystems (Thailand)
  • VERITAS Software
  • Novell Software (Thailand)
  • Reuters Software

Clients of our event management services includemany reputable Thai and multinational companies. Click here for the entire list.

You are guaranteed comprehensive and transparent work in event management, both for Thailand-based and international projects, and we put your aims and vision in perspective. Every client is held in the highest esteem, and our track record shows our work to be of the highest order. We look forward to serving you.

Here's what some of the clients of our event management programs have to say about us:

"... Penner-Madison has performed at the highest level of professionalism.... Their services have added value and helped us to gain a competitive edge in our industry." Marketing Manager, palmOne Singapore Pte Ltd.

"We highly recommend Penner-Madison and their event management and marketing services...." Channels Marketing Manager, VERITAS Software.

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