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Asia has emerged as the biggest consumer market for the world's trading community. Thus it sees product promotion campaigns, product launch events and conferences almost every other hour. Hence, event organizers in Asia are keeping very busy these days, and are making more money than any other professional service provider.

One must admit that it is through the sustained efforts of every event organizer in Asia that consumers in this part of the world are enjoying a broader basket of suppliers in each product sector. This gives them more choice of products, in every price range.

How would you decide whom to choose?

Choosing event organizers in Asia can be a very difficult and time-consuming task. But we can try to look into some of the key criteria:

1. An event organizer in Asia must first of all have a good knowledge about Asian markets. With a varied combination of people, geography, quality of life and spending power, consumers are really very hard to influence today. They definitely have minds of their own. Yet sometimes, a little-known brand can succeed and become a best seller.

The trick is to understand the trend among classes of consumers. Organizing an event on a theme to promote 'Lycra' fabrics in Dubai or Singapore may be a good idea, but not in India, although the market is there. The key is to know the right location. An automobile fair in Bangkok will be a success, but not in Sri Lanka. An international fair on handicrafts or spices can be held in India etc. What we are stressing here, is that the event organizer must be a good market watch-dog.

2. An event organizer in Asia must be resourceful. If you need to contact and contract all the vendors by yourself, arrange the stalls and commission interior decorators to decorate the stage, arrange emergency support services etc., then think twice about your event organizer.

3. Managing the event with a proper plan and strategy, detailing the post event schedules, market response and follow-up are some of the tasks which you must seek from your event organizer in Asia.

What is so Different about Events in Asia?

If you are launching your business in Asia and thinking of a direct marketing approach, is it possible without an advertisement? No. A single advertisement cannot ensure your brand name will be remembered by a customer. Then what? A series of advertisements is what you need? But is it a wise idea to spend so much money initially when you do not know how many sales you will generate? So what is the alternative?

Why not host an event to showcase your product portfolio? Or, in case you do not have a wide variety of products, then why not hold an event that uses your product line? For example, holding a fashion show with a theme to promote natural fibers is more relevant, if you are dealing in cotton fibers. Or holding an event in furnishings may provide you with the opportunity to get to know customers if you are an interior designer.

An event organizer in Asia will always guide you away from intensive public relation campaigns, or direct marketing campaigns. This will save unnecessary marketing costs.

Last word

One last word. Those who really want to see their business grow, make a plan first that answers these questions:

  • Where are you positioned now? If you are a new entrant, how many competitors are there etc.
  • Where do you want to take your product? Do you envisage huge sales or do you plan to create a special market niche?
  • How best can you achieve the second question? By what marketing tool?

If you are sure that an event will help you, then contact an event organizer in Asia. And you can be very effective only if you hire the right one.

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