How an Event Organizer can Help Government in Creating a Good Image?

Event Organizer and Event Promoter Needs Work Together!

This article will reflect some thoughts on how the government of a country can benefit by organizing a trade fair. An event organizer in Asia can operate as part of the Ministry of Trade and Commerce that organizes and hosts international or national trade shows.

Free and fair trade, a concept that is self-promoting, is strengthened by the fact that governments of developing and developed countries are working together to improve the economic conditions of their nations. Organizers of such events in Asia now feel the need to adapt their working style in organizing such fairs such that they become one with the event promoters. The event organizer and event promoter need to think alike, first.

This sense of unity with the actual fair promoting council or organization gives a fair an integrated and seamless look. The event organizer in Asia should not create the fair in such a way that it is separate from the main event and appear as if it is merely promoting a client's interest. Accordingly, the various ministries of governments of different countries of Asia and the event organizers should join hands to promote free and fair trade practices, bilaterally. This not only enhances the scope and scale of work for the event organizer but also boosts their image as an organizer of international events.

Trade Fair and It's Benefit

Trade shows and related events are helping the governments of Asian countries to reach out to the world's business community and boost their country's image. Careful planning and execution of such events is a part of the specific ministry's marketing campaign. The foreign affairs department of any government, through its conscious effort and management, promotes and participates in such international fairs to attract foreign direct and indirect investments. An event organizer in Asia, therefore, is an expert in analyzing international trade scenarios, their contextual implications for his own country, and the associated financial impact.

Constant effort by government departments to attract foreign investments and investments from the domestic financial market in the infrastructure category, quite often leads to the organization of a trade fair. The event organizer must understand and evaluate the perspective of the chief event promoter. Selecting the venue, arranging for the delegates' participation, and arranging for a workshop or a seminar on the fair theme are some of the things that an event organizer in Asia undertakes.

Organizing Fair For Investment Purposes

If the actual reason for the trade show is to create a pool of funds for various developmental projects, then effective meeting and planning sessions forms an integral part of such events. The event organizer in Asia responsible for this sort of events, then, arranges special business meetings with government representatives. The meetings as a part of propaganda campaign, on behalf of the government, needs to be marketed well. The event organizer in Asia, hence, should be a good marketing specialist for these sorts of events.

The governments of participating nations, for the event, jointly put their effort to publicize such trade shows. Not only that, they hold meetings with their respective chamber of commerce and other private bodies to discuss how they can benefit, while doing business with their international associates. The trade show in fact becomes a stage for marketing the government's intention and to showcase different projects, their effects on society and to attract investments. The event organizer in Asia, thus, drives a systematic and constant effort to launch into a subtle marketing campaign among the member participants.

Marketing for Self!

It is the intention of every event organizer in Asia to participate in an international scenario. Taking up industrial trade fairs as projects, they are also opening up avenues to increase their clients. Click here to know more on saleable points of an event organizer in Asia. Details like:

  • Site selection,
  • Vendor selection and negotiation,
  • Taking out insurance covers,
  • Inviting participants,
  • Getting in touch with various big corporate houses, ministries and influential persons, ambassadors, and of course international business media, are some of the tasks, which the event organizer in Asia needs to handle.

We will discuss on the marketing aspects of such international fair more in our next article. But we must first realize that such international events are actually image boosters for the developing countries of Asia. An event organizer in Asia, while taking up such projects, needs to be academically excellent.

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