Looking for an Event Organizer in Asia?

Launching Your Business in Asia?

Well, what is an event organizer? Have you ever thought about what it takes for a couple to celebrate their wedding anniversary by inviting hundreds of guests? Or have you ever thrown a party to celebrate your success? If the answer is yes, then didn't you worry about the party's success? Organizing an event takes a lot of time, proper planning and a strategy to make it a success.

An event organizer can completely take away your headache. And we, Penner-Madison (Thailand, 1997) are just that. Led by a team of industry experts, our company is the pioneer event organizer in Asia.

When is an Event to be Organized?

To answer this one, you need to answer these queries first:

  • Are you running a business and planning to launch a new product/service in Asia?
  • Do you have a marketing plan that supports event organizing?
  • You do not know any event organizer in Asia?

If, the answers are YES, then just contact us. For we provide a one-stop solution for all your marketing needs. Whether it's formulating a marketing plan, holding an event or anything else you require to make your brand visible in the market.

Service Portfolio

Event organizing in Asia, is our primary service but others include:

  • Public Relation
  • Direct Marketing
  • Invitation and database management
  • Creative writing and design
  • Advertising

Our Credentials

  • 3K Battery Company Limited
  • 3M (Thailand)
  • Aidea Publicists (Singapore)
  • AP Communications (Singapore)
  • Sun Microsystems (Thailand)
  • VERTITAS Software,

- are some of our clients, who have benefited from our marketing service. Clients regard us as one of the industry's best event organizers in Asia.

Apart from rendering our services in the event management category we also strategize, plan and execute any marketing campaign required to promote or launch your product in the Asian market. Our understanding of the market facts and statistics, supported by a core research team of professionals from various segments of industry, has earned us a reputation to reckon with.

What it takes to be an Expert Event Organizer in Asia?

Knowledge, understanding and experience are the three things to begin with. First, you should be aware that your product requires an expert event organizer to launch or promote it. Many fail to understand the importance of a proper plan to market their product/service. A plan that supports and clarifies the role of an event organizing firm is what we need first. Then you should contact an event organizer with experience in Asia.

We offer our experience and research to gain a better understanding of your product, to understand what measurable goal we will achieve by organizing an event in Asia, and how best we can handle your assignment.

Asia, with its diversity in every sphere of economy, politics, and living standard offers a substantial market for foreign producers. In order to manage your event successfully you will require an event organizer in Asia, who has the relevant experience.

Service Detail

  • Date, place and time fixation
  • Invitation letter designing, content providing, database mailing
  • Contacting business associates, partners and other service providers like contractors etc.
  • Selecting event personnel, managers, contingency support provisioning
  • Planning the stage with a help desk for visitors, log book creating for inquirers
  • Distribution of letter of thanks and others, are some of the tasks, which an event organizer has to handle, whether in Asia or elsewhere.

Register yourself today to learn more on our service.

If, you can think of anything extra than what we do please contact here info@penner-madison.com.

Service Assurance

We guarantee the quality of our service, as we are one of the best event organizers in Asia. We involve each client in every step of our plan. This gives the client a sense of confidence in us. It has also helped us to understand what our clients want and enables us to revise our plans if necessary right up to the launch. Or Register yourself with us for an upcoming event.

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