Event Organizer and Road Show

What is Road Show?

An event that takes place in an open environment, where access to the public is plentiful, and where no registration or participation fee is needed, is what we loosely call a road show. For an organizer, an event like this is a challenge. It is a challenge because of the nature of the event, which tests the capability of the organizer, regardless of where in the world it is held. We will discuss why this is so in detail.

Road Show and its Nature

The scale of operation of this kind of event is the nature of the challenge. Road shows take place in an open environment and so many issues crop up for an event organizer to tackle, whether he is based in Asia or anywhere else in the world. Let's see what these issues are:

1. Arranging of event venue, decoration aspects
2. Arrangement of event timing
3. Arrangement of permission from the local authorities
4. Crowd management capability
5. Arrangement of safety measures
6. Crowd pulling and query generation activity
7. Media management and adequate coverage
8. Budgeting of the event

There are other issues to be tackled, but the above are the most significant ones. The event organizer in Asia needs to manage and operate the show such that the client and the public are equally satisfied.

By this we mean that the client should be happy with the market response and media reaction. The public on the other hand, should see the road show as an entertaining event, rather than a product-pushing exercise, and of course, factors like traffic management, road safety, and rules regulating noise and disturbance should be observed. An organizer of events of such type, in Asia or elsewhere, must spend time determining and evaluating the operational aspects and the scale of the road show.

The first point, determining the event venue, is very important. Selection of places that see a considerable number of potential clients as passers by, that act as focal points for the main city, and that can actually be successful event venues must be undertaken. An event organizer, when choosing an event venue in Asian countries, must identify those roads that are major thoroughfares and have the facility of nearby police stations, hospitals, fire stations, and are commercialized in outlook, having offices, restaurants, colleges etc. The actual selection depends on the type of road show which will be staged. For instance, if it is a product launch for a car, then it will be more effective to choose a road that has corporate offices and colleges or clubs and is more urbanized than other parts of the city.

Decoration of a road show venue is not usually possible since it is a public place, but the event organizer in Asia may provide decorated vehicles which symbolize the main event and carry the car manufacturer's corporate logo. The main vehicle, possibly a large van, should be decorated properly, especially the interior. There should be seating arrangements, tables containing brochures, a register book and other event-related items.

The executives managing the event should be well rehearsed to take part in a road show. The event organizer in Asia who is managing such an event must seek active client participation since this type of event has a direct marketing aspect. Enquiry and lead generation from a road show is as important as turning a lead into a sale. In order to do this, the event organizer must ask the client's executives to participate in the event and handle customer queries and establish their needs, as well as capturing contact details in the register book.

Naturally the event organizer's staff can do this too, but representatives of the client carry more weight.

Time management is a serious issue. The event must take place at a time when there will be a good number of prospects or even a crowd, but the schedule should be set such that no traffic-related problems are caused for office goers or emergency workers. Organizing a road show at a time when everybody is in a hurry makes no sense, hence event organizers in Asia must use their judgment to determine a convenient time and day to host the event.

Permission from Local Authorities, is to be sought prior the event. In some cases, particulars need to be submitted: for instance, company and event-related documents, signing of necessary papers that give an undertaking to abide by laws etc. When hosting an event for an overseas client, the event organizer in Asia must explain the legal implications of traffic-related laws and other governing rules, so that the client who is new to the Asian market should understand the regulations and the impact of any breach.

A road show should be entertaining too. The media should report the road show as an exciting, or "happening" event, whether in the corporate circuit or in the commercial arena. Promotion is critical, and catchy banners employing a trendy approach together with popular hosts are some of the other important aspects of planning the event.

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