Organizing Industrial Trade Fair, An Essay


While organizing industrial trade fair, a leading event organizer in Asia sees different points in order of importance. Firstly they will consider the party for whom it is organizing the event, the potential participants, the motive for such event, how publicity can be gained, the event-related kits to be prepared, event financing, and other factors.

In recent years, Asia has seen a rash of industrial trade fairs, and every event organizer has been trying to do the best he can to ensure his own event is a success. We will now discuss how event organizers in Asia are helping governments of different countries and UN financing bodies, including the World Bank, WTO and others, to facilitate in free trade.

Motive Behind Industrial Fair

The activities involving trade shows often involve cross border trade with the meeting of buyers and sellers. A primary motive of such events is to facilitate the meeting of sellers and prospective buyers. And in certain cases, to make the industry of a vertical segment aware of industry-specific innovations and methods. Another motive of such events is to recognize the need for upgrading skills in human resources and in modernizing old machines. Every event organizer in Asia working for such trade shows must know the actual motive behind the show.

Understanding Event Potential

After understanding the motive, the event organizer in Asia, then, starts hunting for facts, figures and other resources to gather knowledge of such trade fairs and its effect on the market. If an organizer is hosting the event for the first time, then they will benefit from study materials sought from different trade promotion councils, such as the WTO, APEC, ASEAN, International Chamber of Commerce, MIPIM and others. Organizers for such fairs in international trade and other associated events in Asia, like, trade conventions, conferences ands seminars etc. evaluates the potentiality for such events.

This potential is the end gain of such shows. Apart from being a stage where buyers and sellers meet, the trade fair portrays a country's intentions regarding international trade and business. It signifies distinct objectives to let the international commercial communities know that the country's market is open to accept new brands and products. Every event organizer in Asia, who takes up such projects either on behalf of the ministry of trade and commerce or on behalf of independent business bodies, tries to maximize this potential.

A Word of Caution

Event organizers in Asia, who are responsible for such shows, will try to maximize their clients' motives subject to the rules and regulations of a particular country. But industrial trade shows that highlight the importance of the business community often yield disturbing facts, for example, factors that inhibit the growth of free trade between two countries.

The reasons can be specific political and vested economic interest that plays a dominant role to lead a country in the world market. An event organizer in Asia, thus, needs to be careful while arranging for seminars or event conference, since this has a chance to show negative attitude towards a particular country, if, that country has some prohibiting factors for free trade growth.


The increase in trade fair councils and venues indicates that tremendous potential exists for event organizers to prosper in the business of trade fair organization. If we look at a typical calendar year for many such event organizers in Asia, we will see that it is busy almost every day of the year. This reflects the buoyant mood of the trade and commerce industry. .

The event organizer in Asia, hence, would benefit from collaboration with some of the leading trade and commerce councils, such as the ATPF-Asia Trade Promotion Forum, the World Bank, EFTA - European Fair Trade Association, and others.

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