Methods of Marketing Trade Fair

Understand the Reason of a Trade Show

Here, we will discuss about the resources, technique and other relevant information regarding marketing of a trade fair for an event organizer in Asia. A trade fair may be organized by a chamber of commerce or a ministry of government for many reasons. It can be used to attract foreign investment, to mobilize domestic financial institutions to lend their support, or to help the industry understand how other countries are faring in a particular vertical industry segment. The fair may also offer a platform for the promotion of bilateral trade between two nations, or assist in matching buyers and sellers.

The reasons can be others too. The event organizer, if, in this case the particular department of government can outsource the event management program, from industry's best event organizer in Asia.

Marketing the Fair

In this typical example of an international trade fair, the event organizer in Asia, needs to focus marketing effort more the on post-fair related affairs than pre-fair related affairs. Of course, even before the event begins, marketing preparation is undertaken to attract participants, registrants, sponsors and other stakeholders. But, if the show has the objective of attracting investments, then the main event and post-event marketing efforts need to be reinforced. The event organizer in Asia must understand this.

Pre Event Marketing

Efforts to register participants and seek sponsorships are the main tasks in marketing the event. Event organizers in Asia must seek contacts within related trade associations and chambers of commerce, both domestically and internationally.

After identifying key contacts, they must set up appointments to meet and explain the purpose of the event and how can it be mutually beneficial for both parties. After seeking participation acceptance, the event organizer will work out the specifics of the event.

Media in Marketing

Press releases, articles and other write-ups needs to be prepared and circulated in the appropriate media, including business papers, journals, papers of various trade associations etc. This sort of event marketing is very industry-specific.

For, example, to market an event on automobile industry, the event organizer, whether in Asia or any other place, need not come up with a press release in a news daily that gives general news. Rather targeting those papers that is solely for the market or industry specific or economics etc. would be beneficial in attracting target audience.

Most importantly, pre-event marketing for such shows involves constant PR work within the specific interest groups of trade and commerce.

Event Marketing

Trade show marketing can be handled effectively by organizing seminars, question and answer sessions, arranging an award ceremony on protection of the environment and manufacturing industry, or even by staging a daily conference within the event schedule. All these activities need to be covered by the appropriate media. The event organizer in Asia handling an international fair will need to establish diplomatic ties with several governments and try to promote the show across national and cultural boundaries.

Inviting top government officials, bureaucrats, dignitaries, and academics to give a lecture on the theme of the event and its consequences highlights the importance of the participating countries. This act in itself will promote the event in the international market, because guest nations will cover the success of their own participation and the fact that selected VIP guests from their countries were asked to deliver lectures. The event organizer, whether in Asia or in USA, should realize this aspect.

Post Event Marketing

Post event marketing is a very important component of the marketing effort, as it builds on all the good work done and created in the show to pave the way for flow of investments. Planning and setting up effective meetings, arranging the conference, signing the MOU, organizing the visit of dignitaries and other state officials, and setting up the board and committees are factors to be considered as part of a successful event.

PR and Post Event Marketing

To establish this goal, post event marketing requires skilled public relation activities. Every element cited above is an event in itself. The event organizer in Asia or elsewhere, should be experienced in accomplishing post event related events such as these.

These interactions take place when key contacts and positive sources are located and exploited for mutual benefit. Hence, the event organizer in Asia needs to be very methodical in leveraging contacts gained. They can do so by holding one to one meetings and then channelizing the information gained to the proper interest groups, officials and corporate houses.

The event organizer in Asia must be very experienced in PR work and must understand international trade relations.

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