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Marketing Approaches and Communication Strategies

Your business requires effective marketing communications in Thailand to rise above your competitors and to reach out and touch the people. Today, consumers are the driving force behind the rise or fall of a business; today indeed, the consumer is king as never before.

And so your strategies of event organizing in Thailand and on the global stage, must change with the evolving customer attitudes, which means keeping abreast of the latest consumer needs.

Penner-Madison is one of the leading event organizer firm in Thailand. We understand your needs and deliver the best in event organization. Our years of expertise coupled with our extensive research knowledge make us the favorite choice of companies in Thailand and abroad.

Solutions for You...

We specialize in the analysis of current business conditions and consultancy in public relations, direct marketing, communications, and advertising, and we provide various additional marketing services for our clients in Thailand and elsewhere.

We examine your business, study its operations, analyze its growth potential and offer integrated event organizing solutions that will enhance its productivity. We help with and suggest methods that will reach the audience in Thailand and abroad more powerfully.

This translates into more cost-effective methods of marketing & communications strategies that will penetrate the target audience and result in more consumer satisfaction and loyalty.

... in the Hands of Experts

We have a talented team of staff and our methodologies involve the latest techniques in market analysis. Keeping in mind the current market scenario, we suggest valuable and lucrative event organizing and communications strategies that will make your presence felt in Thailand, and among the leading companies around the world, and we follow-up on your growth.

Our marketing & communications solutions are comprehensive and we make use of the latest research data of consumer patterns in Thailand to find out the most feasible and appropriate way to reach out to the target audience.

Other Services

Penner-Madison's marketing & communications approaches will further your business in Thailand, and our services comprise of the following:

  • Public Relations
  • Direct Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Invitations & Database Management

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