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Backdrop and Thence Forth

In the world of event management, Penner-Madison stands out as a frontline event planning coordinator. Launched in 1997 in Bangkok, Thailand, as a one-stop solution for integrated marketing communications, Penner Madison has earned the confidence of millions. Initially an IT specialist, Penner-Madison today is a multi-disciplined group with a special focus on strategic and fully integrated marketing communication services.

Event management is one of the trust services of Penner Madison. In a short time, the company has achieved wide acclaim as an event planning coordinator. Its clients comprise Thai companies and multinationals. As an event planning coordinator with a brilliant track record, Penner-Madison handles a wide spectrum of events, local and global. Every event spells excellence - a rare ability of the event planning coordinator to turn every single event into a resounding success. .

The Focus Areas

Penner-Madison, the event planning coordinator, advises and assists its clients in organizing any event from beginning to end. Its primary focus areas include

  • Pre-event planning,
  • Event planning,
  • Event management,
  • Event execution,
  • Event wrap up,
  • Evaluation and report.

The events may be small or large, but every event is managed with equal prominence. The range varies from show and product launch, exhibition, seminar and conference to trade show and product display. The expertise of its talented event planning coordinators bring out the best, ensuring maximum mileage and far-reaching impact. The success of an event depends on the impact it creates. The event has to be unforgettable and heart-winning. Penner-Madison, one of the largest event planning coordinators in Asia, has mastered this art of turning even a mundane occasion into a thrilling experience. It is a rare skill that sets an event planning coordinator apart.

How the Team Benefits You

Unmatched professionalism and commitment to achieve results mark every activity of the team. From pre-event planning to feed back, the team keeps an eye on every detail, with zero-defect execution as the goal. In order to guarantee client satisfaction, this ever-alert event planning coordinator puts its heart and soul into its efforts round-the-clock.

The team consists of high level professionals, expertly skilled in their respective field of operation. Each has in-depth knowledge, experience and vision to handle every event with unparalleled efficiency and promptness. Every team member is individually committed to make his mark as an outstanding event planning coordinator.

Over the years, Penner-Madison, the energetic event planning coordinator, has retained its advantage of experience and honed its skills for yet more challenging assignments. The times are fast-changing and so are the demands. The company is always pushing itself to produce more dazzling and soul-touching ideas, recognizing that creativity and imagination always maintain an edge for any front ranking event planning coordinator. The company also has an excellent networking and coordinating system - a factor that puts it in the frontline as Thailand's leading event planning coordinator.

What Do We Do

The sphere of activity of this versatile event planning coordinator, Penner-Madison, covers a broad spectrum

  • Budget formulation,
  • Time line development
  • Event scheduling,
  • Vendor settling
  • Finale shaping till the feed back stage.

The hallmark of excellence is highlighted at every point of activity, be it setting up meeting schedules, monitoring the master plan or resource development. Success lies in the unique mindset and the extraordinary management caliber of the event planning coordinator, Penner-Madison.

Its expertise in marketing communication, from Public Relations and Advertising to direct marketing consultancy and creative writing, has enriched Penner-Madison's exposure as an outstanding event planning coordinator. Its expertise coupled with insight and attention to cost effectiveness makes every event a rewarding experience for the client. Click here to know more on their services.

Our Clients, Our Confidence

Our company has earned the confidence of its wide ranging clientele as the most sincere and thoughtful event planning coordinator, which generates optimum benefit for its clients.

Register now, to experience a unique event with Penner-Madison, the best event planning coordinator for your business.

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