Planning A Corporate Conference

The Event Day Schedule

If your event planning firm has an account for which you have to arrange a corporate conference, then here are some tips to help you out. In this section, we will not discuss how you would plan the conference and implement it. Rather, we will see how the event is coordinated with proper planning and checking of all the minute details.

For example, let's consider the event planning of a large corporate conference. This sort of meeting requires planning in various stages in order to be effective. Planning covers the theme, the participants, essential activities, emergency arrangements, entertainments, and other factors. However, the main plan centers on the event day management. Your plans for this event must include the preparation of a handout, which will be different from the event theme write-ups.

Contents of the Hand Out

  • A Welcome Note

This note will welcome all the participants, delegates and the media personnel. It has to be short and cordial, saying that the organizing firm, for which planning is being done for the event, welcomes all and looks forward to making this a successful event.

  • Theme of The Conference

This will highlight in BOLD the theme of the conference and relate it to the company's program or motto or services etc.

  • A Brief About The Organizing Company

This part will introduce the company. The event planning firm must select key strengths of the company and portray it as consumer oriented, or give importance to its human resources and/or shareholders. It should commence with the year in which the company was founded, and include a line or two about its management, its nature of business and how it has grown and plans its further development. It must thank the market, media and people for their continual support.

  • Participant's Name and Note on each of Them

Here the names, designation and theme on which the delegates or guest speakers are going to present must be highlighted. It is better to list the names alphabetically, so that no one's ego is hurt. The brief must show due respect to the delegates and to their respective departments or companies. Highlighting the business network with the organizing company is also something which your event planning firm should include.

  • Date. Place and Time of The Conference

Just say a line or two about the above

  • Refreshments

Provision for such services relieves the participants and gives a formal air to the conference.

  • Emergency Services

Include a note about the emergency services, but do not highlight critical situations like fire, earthquake or personal medical emergencies. Just mention that the company is providing support to cope with any crisis, which shows that the company and event management firm take care in planning such a conference.

  • Boarding and Lodging Facility

Mention that the company is providing this facility and that all outstation delegates will be notified individually about the arrangements in the invitation letter. Each will be supplied with an identity card, a conference kit and a phone for the conference.

  • Entertainment

Your event planning firm can suggest some entertaining diversions for the delegates. This acts as a recharging fuel, encouraging them to participate with renewed vigor the next day. For instance, you could arrange for a short tour, a formal party cum picnic, or even some sports action for the interested delegates.

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  • Event Day Schedule

This point will have to be carried forward in a separate page which details the following:

Day - Monday, Date :10/04/04, Time 10.AM, Venue: Event Place

  • Welcome Speech by Mr. X from the event organizing company, inviting guest speakers to speak one by one on the selected theme.
  • Time 10.45 AM, Speaker-Mr. Y, Company ….., Speech Theme:…., Time: 20 mins.
  • Presentation or a documentary on theme:….., Time 11.10 AM
  • Refreshments
  • Time 11.45, Speaker Mr. Z, Company…., Speech Theme:….., Time: 20 mins.
  • Lunch Break

This type of event day schedule has to be drawn up and approved by your event planners, from the conference organizing company. If the event is a 3day conference, then begin with Day 1 Activity. Always provide a short break, encourage question and answer sessions, or include interactive chat or video conferencing to keep the conference alive.

  • Thank You Note

This note will simply thank all the delegates, speakers, participants, media men and others controlling or coordinating the conference. An important thing, which your event planning firm must do, is to maintain a register book that can carry comments and suggestions about the event from the participants.

Your firm then can send out individual thank you notes to each of the participants confirming that the company is working on their suggestions.

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