Crisis Management

Coping up with a Crisis

If your event planning firm encounters a crisis that may lead to a potential disaster, how will you cope? This is an important issue that every event-planning firm having a global outlook must address.

We will arbitrarily consider a crisis, such as an earthquake, that may occur if you are holding an event in an earthquake prone area. Your event planning firm must have a contingency plan in place apart from the main plan of the event management.

Importance of an Event Manager

First, equip an event manager with a phone, a list of all emergency numbers, and a microphone. If the event which your firm plans to hold is an international one, then keep to hand the phone numbers of the main high commissions and consulates. Arrange for rapid arrival of the local authorities, including police, fire fighters, medical team and voluntary organizations.

Your event planning firm must also keep ready a team of emergency crew members, who can provide rescue operations and first aid. Provision of medicine supplies, water, light and aeration should of course be arranged beforehand, to cope with any emergency condition of this sort. And of course be prepared to treat those who may suffer from shock.

When choosing the venue, your event planning firm must make provision for rooms that can support any emergency condition. Always keep some vehicles ready to evacuate victims from the place of the disaster. The event manager must have an authoritative manner; his voice should be clearly audible. He must also be experienced, to know how to best minimize loss and damage.

Insure Your Event

As the management authority for an event planning firm, you must seek insurance cover for international events, be they conferences, workshops or trade shows. The insurance company must be notified after any initial emergency has been dealt with. At such times, rumors can quickly spread. The event manager should be diplomatic enough to stop the spreading of rumors and to ask media channels not to give any false facts or information to the international community.

Publicity and Crisis

While planning for an event like this, your firm should look into all aspects of positive and negative publicity that can be generated by such a crisis. It is the firm's responsibility to minimize negative publicity and generate mass sympathy, and concern from the international community which reinforces rather than detracts from the main cause of the event.

Proper medical treatment, after shock therapy and reimbursement in certain cases should be administered. This becomes one of the additional tasks of your event planning firm. In fact, such additional effort is not your firm's responsibility strictly. But you can take the opportunity to show extra commitment to the organizers of this event. They then know that they can rely on you as an integrated solution provider.

In future, the organizers will come to your event planning firm and refer your firm to their business associates because they would feel that apart from your main task, you have shared their responsibility equally well, and performed on behalf of them. This integration with the client's management will fetch you much recognition as a reputed and responsible solution provider in the field of event management.

Sponsors and the Crisis

Always maintain a separate registration book. This will help the insurance companies. Since much valuable information can be extracted from registration forms. Informing sponsors of the crisis must also be taken care of after meeting the initial challenges, for they too suffer losses.

One way to recover some of the losses for the sponsors is to gain additional publicity in the news covering this crisis and the event. Press releases on behalf of the organizers can carry the sponsor's name and logo if possible. If the event is an international one, expect the international community to express their shock or grief. As a publicity measure for your event planning firm, you can approach government bodies and international community to comment on the event and the crisis aftermath.


Of course, we do not want any disaster to happen during an event, but your event planning firm must keep all emergency arrangements in place to handle any situation. Hence, before planning for any big events, you must coordinate effective meeting and planning sessions to handle any crisis and its resulting publicity.

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