Arranging Ladies Workshop

What This Article Tells

If your event- planning firm needs to arrange a workshop meant for promotion of starting business for ladies, then this article might be of help to you. To arrange such workshops, first you need to know the theme of the event. Since it is on self starting a business by ladies, hence you need to get in touch with working ladies forums, government departments who offers loans to such business units, and also with those departments that assists in promoting self trade among ladies. The event-planning firm then can start planning for the workshop.

First fix the aim of the workshop

The aim here is to educate and promote importance of starting self- business units among ladies. Also another aim is to train at least some of them in starting such units and offer them assistance. Then publish the success stories, so that others also feel encouraged and approach the company on behalf of which, your event- planning firm is holding the workshop.

Another motive behind such workshops is to attract foreign direct investments in sectors that offer assistance in running such business units. A government department usually holds this sort of workshop with such a motive. Also attracting foreign funds or an international supporting organization (an organization that supports social causes like this and work on international mode). Your event- planning firm thus must find out the actual aim behind such a workshop.

Steps To Follow

As usual, venue, date and time fixation needs to be done. After that start contacting the supporting forums or organization that promotes similar activities. This is done to attract audience and to give the workshop a wider look. To attract the attention of the target audience for whom this workshop is conducted, apart from news- paper advertisements, exploiting other communication mode is very essential. These can be local radio stations, Internet, or even a series of press releases. Know the other forms of communication.

If the scope and the scale of the event is such that it has an international appeal, then roping in member regional countries in SARC or ASEAN or any other global forums like South East Asia and Pacific countries, G1 nations or any such regional specific political or social interest groups. Your event planning firm must take into account all these. Arranging for media exposure and locating the target audience is then quite a challenge. Since a lot of issues like:

International delegates participation

  • Lodging facilities
  • Checking with the concerned consulates
  • Participation from domestic country's government
  • Global media coverage
  • Sustained media visibility and publicity campaign - are some of the important things, which your event planning needs to jot down in papers, first.

Look for any other angle to pitch the stories of such a workshop. After that, your event planning firm details on the speaker's list and makes arrangement for the following things:

For the International participants

  • Lodging and car rental facilities
  • Refreshments arrangements
  • Pre workshop effective meeting arrangement for planning the entire show
  • Agenda fixation and distribution of workshop related write-ups

For the workshop

  • Registration facility
  • Decoration provision
  • Technical assistance
  • Media coverage
  • Post workshop discussion meet
  • Post discussion event wrap up with MIS reports

For marketing the event

  • Media and market communication
  • Participating in various net based discussion forums
  • Catalogue, brochure, presentation and other event related write up creation and distribution to relevant organizations both domestic and international

Any event planning firm of international repute should look into all these pre-event preparation, properly. Here, if the aim of the workshop is to attract foreign direct investments into the respective government departments then a lot more effort from the event -planning firm is required. Since a country's image needs to be highlighted first.

Influencing the Consulates

When your event planning firm starts contacting the consulates, always remember that you are approaching on behalf of the country. Hence drafting proper invitation letter and signifying the essence of such a workshop needs to be highlighted first. This you can do by gathering enough facts and data about economic independence of women in general in regional countries, comparing their level of entrepreneurship etc.

What You Gain

In a broad sense holding such a workshop with an international look is something, which every event -planning firm looks into to take up as a challenge. It means in future this event planning firm can sale itself more to its client and its market naturally will increase. This sort of international projects gives the event planning firm more global exposure, more clients' prospects and a brand mileage.


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