Choose with Care to Bang the Market!

More sales, higher profits, faster ROI. Do these words crawl up in your dreams? Then do not let them. How? Here's a simple way - to make you a smart marketer.

  • Identify the tools to reaching out to your customers
  • Know the method of reaching out
  • Involve fresh ideas into your marketing campaign
  • Always the first to know where your competitors stand today

You already know, but looking for a proper marketing tool for your campaign? How about advertising? But remember two approaches for a better advertising campaign. Number one is to be in consumer shoes first and second is in entrepreneur shoes. This approach goes very well with advertisement meant for promotion of events. Yes, every event planning firm is gearing up to create eye-catching advertisement for promoting their clients' event.

First step

For a professional look, and more commercialized approach, it is necessary to recruit an event-planning firm to promote your business. Even, in case of brand re positioning, an event planning firm is required. It is not possible to target your customers without a professional help.

But, you have to keep a close contact with the firm's promotional method and ability on how best they are handling your project. In order to do that, first look at the plan properly. If, the plan requires any changes communicate that to your event co ordinator, immediately.

Look at the advertising contents closely. Stepping into your customer 's shoes will be of great help to you. When you look at those creative contents or ideas as a customer, if you feel that they are attractive enough so as to generate query, then your event planning firm has done their job. Else, you need to re think on those creative contents.

Second Step

A professional and seasoned event-planning firm must seamlessly integrate the client's marketing approach in their technique while marketing for client's business. If, looking at the event-marketing plan, you feel that your business thoughts or product literature is slightly different, then change the plan, do not edit the plan but re-write. For, rewriting often brings in other creative ideas, which were then not surfacing. Yes, now you are stepping in to a tough client's shoes for your event planning firm.

Always seek third party comments on the plan. Even, people from your daily life can give you some fresh ideas on how to target your customers better, so do not over look them.

How would you market your event?

This is the most important but last question that requires a smart answer. Yes, time consuming serial advertisement inserts in newspapers or magazines is not the best answer. Whereas, public relation campaigns are also irrelevant here. Then what? In this case you have to go for eyecatching advertisements. Those places, where your target customers gets in mostly, should be the places where, your even marketing campaign should emphasize.

An event planning firm, apart from planning the entire event, should also plan on how to market that event and how to meet customer's inquiry. Often partnering with media in these promotional events fetch much needed exposure and results. Announcement of event theme, date and venue over popular FM radio stations apart from news papers inserts and other media outlets should be chosen as gateways, to market your events, by your event planning firm.

Last Word

Nowadays, when you come across event planning firms almost two blocks away in every road, choose the one that has the essential experience. The following are some of the criteria of choosing an event- planning firm:

1. Experience - not just total - planning experience, but experience in handling similar product/services as that of your business offerings.

2. Association - means, business relations with vendors, contractors, decorators, media houses, publicist's etc. Leveraging on the business affiliation's resources is very much important. You cannot expect a lone event-planning firm to host and manage an entire show all by itself.

3. Technique - the smart event planning firms will involve fresh and innovative event theme and event plans to promote your business. Hence always ask how would they market the event


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