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Hiring event planning firms is a big task. Are you required to hire any? If so, then my article can be of help. First, you got to understand the subject of your event, then proceed to hiring. Interview the listed event planning firms and seek recommendation letters. Are you coming across a lot of hurdles? Ok, we will help you in getting an idea of event planning firms. Click here to know about the best event management firm in Thailand

What is important do that first

First, it is important to understand what your business is and then who are your potential customers. Then you go on to define what is the cost-effective way to reach out to your target audience. If you want to bang the market with your product appearance announcement, then an event hosting is required.

Remember Jack-of-all-trades master of none. You are the entrepreneur or the promoter you cannot do all things single handedly. Means you need a professional help to organize your event and that's where the Event planning firms steps in.

Now What?

Once you are sure that you need outside help to manage your event, you start hunting for the best. You conclude after some time that you do not have a big budget and that all event planning firms are asking big money. Now? Well, now is the time to sit and think did you play a tough client and interview the firms. If you didn't then seek appointments from each of the event planning firms on your list and conduct a one to one discussion.

What to discuss?

1. Whom did they work for? Their recommendation, if any.
2. Have they worked for similar product/service as yours? If so, then seek details of that event, like when where was it held? How many were the registrations?
3. Ask their approach in managing your event. Like any theme for the event, any innovative marketing strategy etc.
4. What are their resources, like event hall booking capacity, appointing spot personnel for the show, vendor contacts etc.
5. Do the event planning firms know about proper rules and regulations for the event? Are they familiar with local authorities for any emergency etc?
6. What is the basis of their charge? What is their contract norm? Try to judge the reasons behind their charges and negotiate on that line.
7. Always ask what are the deliverables at the end of the event? What is the plan to market the event?

The above are some not all of the thing,s which you must know from the event planning firms. After judging the answers, you will find that many of the firms are simply not suitable for you.

Registration Process

This is a very important step in all events. If you are promoting a corporate event, participation from fellow business community is achieved through this. Usually, the event- planning firms reach out to the fellow business classes and make them fill up a registration form. Often participation is made with a fee, for stall booking and other business purposes, like for advertising in and outside of the event ground etc.

Smart Firms

The smarter event-planning firms must be experts to get sponsorship for your event. The more the sponsorships, the more effective your event planning firm is. Whether it's from the other stall owners, or from other sources.

Entrance Fee

This is a touchy issue. In some cases to recover cost of the event, some event planning firms may propose a entrance fee from the customers. But you got to judge, whether it would affect your image or not. If you are launching your product then it is advisable not to charge a fee. In case you are promoting your business, then you may levy a charge, but minimize its effect on the consumers, offering a host of value-added services or complimentary services. Like free coffee in your stall, free product literature, or a small gift, or a redemption coupon etc.

A Word about Marketing

Your chosen event planning firm must be able to market your event properly. Do not go for costly advertising, if you get enough sponsors, for, big sponsors will promote the event. But in case you need to take a decision on how to market your event, then involve the event-planning firms. Seek their views in attracting your consumers.

Usually its seen, for events like trade shows, or fashion shows, news papers, magazines inserts with some press releases are enough. In some cases though big hoarding advertisements are required. Always go for co branding those advertisements to minimize your cost. The chosen event planning firm is the one who can market your event and get proper sales lead.

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