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Professional Event Planning for Your Needs

Event planning firms provide services to make your company programs a success. You need adequate manpower, resources, skill and information; organizing a good event is hard work, requires detailed and meticulous planning, is a drain on your resources and very time-consuming if managed improperly.

Firms, organizations, or an individual may want to organize a social gathering or party, any kind of fun activity or sports event, a meeting or seminar to promote its brand, a corporate meeting with its clients, a grand-scale launch of its product with extensive campaign, or a large city convention. And it needs event planning.

Penner Madison is one of the pioneer event planning firms in Thailand. Over the past six years, we have managed numerous events of various kinds, with success one after the other.

Our clients for event planning have been multinational companies based in Thailand and others worldwide. We work by keeping in perspective your success, and this makes us the choice preference of many firms, organizations and individuals.

We Plan to Make You Succeed

We understand the benefits and appraisals that come with a well-managed event, and while event planning, we put your goals in the forefront. Our team consists of multi-disciplined professionals who are dedicated to ensure that the events of your firms run smoothly.

All pre and post-event requirements are taken care of, brought about by efficient delegation of responsibilities to our various staff members. Our planning executives will take charge of all the incidental aspects, leaving the members of the firms free to deal with the foreground issues while our staffs diligently work on the background matters.

Getting Down to the Details

You think while we plan and do the work. Our involvement in your work will depend on the type and scale of your event. In the event planning process, our firm's services will cover every step along the way, such as:

  • Theme conceptualizing and planning
  • Budget analysis
  • Acquiring the most suitable location (negotiating venue contracts with hotels, stages, conference sites and other event venues)
  • Invitations (estimating the attendees' turnout, generating responses)
  • Production and design services
  • Promotional campaign
  • Accommodation and full logistics support
  • Venue setup
  • Registration management and database setup
  • Audio/Visual apparel and high-end technology support
  • Food, beverage and entertainment
  • Surveys and questionnaires for audience participation
  • Post-event analysis, budget reconciliation and report presentation

Being a leader in event planning firms, Penner-Madison has tie-ups with reputed service providers in various fields--hotel management, travel and tourism, information technology, arts and entertainment, etc.. As per your needs, we take over and make your event successful and praiseworthy.

A Choice that Reaps Rewards

With us by your side, you only stand to win. Our professionalism and value-added expertise in event planning will make your programs stand out from among the rest of the firms.

To know more our services and why we rank among event planning firms, click here.

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