Planning Events for Families of Traveling Professionals

Planning Event for Spouses

Yes, this part is not being highlighted, anywhere as far as we remember! But what is this event planning for spouses? What are the reasons for it? How can it be done? There are other questions also; we will try to answer all one by one.

What is Event Planning for Spouses?

To be honest, this should not be limited to spouses alone. Rather, it should be called event planning for the family or accompanied persons. Actually, top notch professionals, who are required to attend conferences, seminars, etc, that takes 7 days or more to complete, often takes their family with themselves to accompany them. Of course, the families do not take part in the corporate seminars or conferences, but accompany them to places of travel.

This is what is called traveling for business and pleasure. Event planning firms, nowadays, are creating a separate set of agenda for these accompanying persons, so that they do not feel bored, when their spouses or fathers are busy with his or her conferences.

Companies, whose branches are scattered all over the world, or companies, whose marketing professionals, are required to travel more than often cannot give enough time to their families. Sometimes, companies, ask their professionals to take their spouses or immediate families with them. In these cases, it is all the more important that event- planning firms, plan some sort of events for these accompanies families.

How can Event be Created?

Here, there is a need to create an event, only for the purpose of entertainment. Sometimes, a company may want to foster a family feeling creating a chord of bond between the professional's families and the company's management. In these cases too, event planning firms can create something spectacular that helps others to emote positively for the company.

Events, like couple's quizzing, children events, short sight -seeing tours, forming social clubs of spouses and elderly, creating campaign supporting any other social causes are some event themes, which firms in event planning can create.


For such events, things, which needs to be seen are:

1. Introducing the families to each other

2. Fostering a community feeling

3. Evoking a sense of unity with the company

4. Creating an ambience that portrays company's image as well as doing something good for society

5. Maintaining a constant touch to keep up the continuation of the consequences of the event

6. Suggesting regular activity that can be conducted by the HR department of the company

There are others too. Event planning firms must first of all generate a feeling of community among the accompanied family members. By holding a formal get to gether party, wherein introduction to each other and pleasantries exchanges can take place. Usually, all these parties are either done at lunch or at dinner.

Event's Accessories

Firms, planning for such events, must realize that in most of these parties prevalence of ladies along with their kids are seen. Hence, proper arrangement for them needs to be done. By arrangement, it is meant, apart from the cuisine, which must have items like ice creams, chocolaty pastries and fat free dishes, arrangement of rest rooms, first aid, availability of car rental facility for window -shopping should be there.

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Event planning firms, while forming a social club, must maintain the company's image and create the club's identity as well. This dual task is strengthened by proper marketing communication. While planning for such events, like social club formation, firms must roll down a set of working parameters, funding arrangement, associations with similar organizations etc.

Children too, should be given due importance. Arrangement for short summer camps, trekking adventure or sit and draw competition, holding some sort of sporting activity, brings families closer to each other. Event planning firms thus can note all these.

Benefit of the Company

The professional, who is always busy with his work and cannot provide enough time for his family, can feel relaxed now. If, he sees that his family is not neglected and in fact is enjoying then the company can also benefit. Since, a hundred percent dedication can now take place from that professional's part. Planning an event, firms must realize that apart from the company's motive for the event, due importance must be given to their immediate families also.

Event planning is thus quite challenging for firms who foray into such intricate details. But it is rewarding too. Click here to learn more on event planning career.

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