Are you on a Business in Thailand?

Thailand or 'the land of Free' forms a part of South East Asian economies with a population of over 70,000,000. Thailand is well known for its tourism sector. With Bangkok, being the center of attraction for almost all consumer items, it's a must visit tourist spot. The middle class and the elite's have made the Thai market a vibrant one for cars and foreign whisky, especially. Marketing communications in Thailand, is one of the most challenging tasks for any marketing consultant.

A comprehensive strategy for marketing communication in Thailand must address the following issues:

1. The product profile
2. A comprehensive study of Thai market
3. Competition analysis
4. Budget
5. Sales forecast
6. Marketing communication tools to be employed
7. Demographic profile of the target market

Japan and US are two most influencing economies in Thai market. Thus, marketing communication in Thailand has become more oriented to target big clients of these two countries.

Marketing Tools

The most relied marketing tool used in Thai market is advertisement and event organization. Yes, Bangkok sees International trade fairs almost all the year round, in promoting cars, garments, leather items to packed foods. In fact, these aforesaid marketing tools are the revenue earners for many foreign companies.

Thai consumers are more familiar with a trade fair than with public relations campaign, as a result, marketing communication in Thailand itself signifies either some trade fairs or hoarding advertisements in every major center of consumer attraction.


In knowing what strategy you should adopt to market yourself in Thailand, look what products you are offering? Does this product cater to all section of people? Like for example, computing devices. If an American company is trying to get into Thai market with their computing device, it is recommended not to go for direct marketing or public relation campaigns. For, these are then costly and time taking propositions. But an event or a show, hosting your product in a centralized location can create awareness as well prospects.

Thailand offers excellent prospects for such computing appliances. Thus, to sale them, the tools in marketing communications in Thailand should be event based. Brand positioning strategy should be different for different items, undoubtedly. While promoting leather items like shoes, gloves, purses, you must target the elite classes. How? Have you thought of fashion shows? Yes? Then going for the same to promote your leather items is a good idea.

But what if you are a small exporter from US and would not like to spend so much initially. Then small advertising inserts or direct marketing techniques can be employed effectively. But to reap its benefits, you must choose a marketing communication specialist in Thailand. Knowing Thai language and culture, its geographical variety and spending power of people is a much important issue for you also. You have to be familiar with Thailand too.


  • Food and beverages
  • Computing devices, telecommunication products
  • Tobacco
  • Textiles and leather items

The above are some of the items, for which a Thai market, is yielding returns. Since, Thai economy has encouraged making Thailand a tourist spot, hence if you are launching your business, then targeting media with a lot of tourist exposure is the best idea to sale your products/services.

Marketing Avenues

Airlines' magazine inserts, or even well written documents in these magazines can be very rewarding for your business. For those, who comes to Thailand do not know much of the country and if, your article offers some helpful guide along with a subtle approach to sale your business, then nothing like it. Or say, if you make a business tie up with some of the chief hotels of Thailand, and promote your products, for example, handmade artifacts in the hotel showroom etc, then also your business will see positive growth.

Another excellent avenue, to sale your products, is from a region close to university campuses. Students are tempted to catch up with a new item, be it local or foreign. One of the unique methods to an effective public relation campaign is roping in some smart students. They can earn pocket money while being a part timer to sale your business through his/her contacts. Marketing communication in Thailand is in fact a lot easier because of certain facts:

1. Thai market very openly welcoming new brands especially foreign.
2. Thai government also encourages joint ventures from USA, Japan as well as others.
3. Huge marketing expenses can be avoided, since the Thai market is much smaller in size and prospective consumers are easily targeted.
4. Infrastructure facilities especially in and around Bangkok and some northern and southern cities are very developed.
5. Thai consumers are familiar with product promotion campaigns, very much.

There are other indirect factors also, which makes marketing communication in Thailand a little easier. Like, Thailand being surrounded by countries like China, Singapore, Malaysia, etc, new concepts, brands and ideas are getting well assimilated with the Thai market. Hence consumers here are far less conservative in buying a new product.

Marketing communication in Thailand - the technique.

Thailand offers its consumer market for new brand entry. The consumers here are friendly to local and overseas brand promotion concepts. Marketing communication in Thailand is mainly event based.

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