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Communication and Outsourcing

Words are the best tools of communication. For a company, communication for marketing the business is of utmost importance. Form of communication varies, ranging from voice over, mails, faxes, website, graphics, and others. Multinationals and big corporate houses embark on intensive public relation campaigns, which is also a part of marketing communication.

For a company of a big firm size, it is best to outsource the marketing communication division. It helps the company to divert all the energy and intellect in delivering the best towards the business, like manufacturing, distributing, printing, hospitality and others, and leave the marketing communication with an outsourced agent who does it the best.

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Economist Ricardo has laid the principle of Specialization - which says no one, can do all. One needs to specialize in a particular stream and outsource the allied services or factors. This gives the one an edge of being the best in doing whatever he is expected to do. Since he is a specialist in his field, so he can be sure of his competitor and strive to maintain the best performance.

Why Outsource?

Since customer acquisition and retention is one of the main criteria for being successful in the business, it is best to outsource your marketing communication department. The vendor whom you choose will be then solely responsible for communication action and you can leverage on the principle of specialization. If you are into manufacturing then you offer the best quality of product, if you are in service industry, you offer the best of hospitality and so on.

Read the importance of networking, which helps in specialization.

Consumers look for two factors before buying any good or service. One - the product or service quality. Second - the communication activity. By phasing out into two, you actually specialize in both areas. Marketing communication in Asia with respect to outsourcing market has seen a blast, since IT boom. For direct marketing purposes and for customer care activities, more and more companies from USA, UK are opting for outsourcing options to Asia.

CRM and Outsourcing to Asia

Telcos and healthcare industry, that are doing excellent in world market are leveraging on low cost human factor, international standard infrastructure facilities, big consumer basket, increase in spending power in Asian market.

Factors like more or less stable political situation, cushioning effects of sudden boom and bust economy, change in preferences of consumer and others effected Asian market. positively. Thus, mobile companies, healthcare companies, and insurance companies are outsourcing a major part of their marketing communication services to Asia.

Some Statistics

Frost & Sullivan projects Asia-Pacific call center industry revenues will increase from $655 million in 2000 to $1.5 billion in 2007.(Asia Pacific Call Centre News, 11-5-2001)

Datamonitor projects that global spending on voice technologies will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 43% between 2000 and 2006. (Cited in Call Center Management Review, December 2001.)

IDC predicts that Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) Internet users will increase to more than 240 million in 2005, from 64 million in 2000.

Revenue in the call center industry in India is projected to grow 70% in 2002, according to Nasscom, India's National Association of Software and Services Companies.
Asia Pacific Call Centre News, 4-18-2002

The above statistics suggest that CRM industry is in full swing in Asia. Marketing communication, which was essentially thought as to create customers and help in sales has its definition changed now. It is more a customer retention, redress and acquisition process. Online web support, over the phone contact centers, direct mailers, and event management are the best practices for marketing communication and in particular to Asia.

How Would You Choose Outsourcing Vendor in Asia?

Ensuring that you select the right outsourcing vendor is the first step in achieving the maximum result for your outsourcing investment in Asia towards better marketing communication. You must realize that, you are entrusting with the partner your customer database that is invaluable. Service level expectation is something, which you must plan first and put down in papers. You ask your vendor to supply you with enough facts that they can meet your expectation of service level.


Another invaluable point, which you must thrust upon while selecting your vendor. Opening of customer database, their demographic profile, purchasing habits, transactions are very important not only for your company but also for individual customer. Privacy clauses and policies should be strict and enforceable by law, as per the Asian countries. For effective communication towards marketing in Asia, data capture, data transfer and data interpret these essential task are performed easily by a vendor that knows the Asian market the best. Hence secrecy regarding the above is of top most priority.

Choice of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) bodies should be included. Not only for your company, (since your company is out of Asia) but also for the vendor and customers. CRM industry in Asia, for better marketing communication has paved the way of some allied industries to play a vital role in the market, like

  • Data warehousing firms
  • Market research firms
  • Integrated Marketing Solution Providers
  • Networking Firms (IT related)
  • Call Centers

Note: Consumers' choice is ultimate in choosing the medium of communication. It may be telephone, email, online audio and video method or postal service. Ensuring that your outsourcing vendor is capable to deal with the multiplicity of channels seamlessly is of increasing importance. Integration of technologies, is something, which you must expect and get proof of from your vendor. Asia offers the largest source of technical professionals. Asia also offers a better resource of marketing communication tools and techniques.

Marketing communication in Asia - Effect on CRM industry

Customer Relationship Management necessitated the growth of communication industry in marketing in Asia. Coming up of call centers in Asia are result of the necessity.

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