CRM and Marketing Communication industry in Asia

Much is said about the importance of marketing communication and in context to Asia in particular. It is so because Asia offers the largest source of revenue for different companies from USA, UK, and Europe. To reach effectively to the target audience, thus, different modes of marketing tools and techniques are used.

In this article, we will see the role of CRM in marketing communication and its effect in Asia. Click here for the best marketing Communication Company in Asia (index.htm)

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management is that stream of code of courtesy, which a company uses to retain, attract and create brand loyal customers. It is a code of courtesy because, the methods which are used to achieve the desired result of retention, attraction and creation of brand loyal customers, are oriented to give maximum customer satisfaction and care.


Forrester Research estimates that large corporations will each spend about $75 million on CRM over the next three years, although some may spend as little as $60 million while others pay as much as $130 million.

Activities that are used to maximize the customer care activities includes process like:

  • Help Desk
  • Query Resolution Activities
  • Customer Complaints Redress
  • Churning and Retention Activities

And there are many others, tailor made to suit the purpose of a specific company and or industry. The above are the common form that in practice in most companies. All these above methods effective marketing communication not only in Asia but worldwide to fulfill the desired purpose.

Marketing Communication and CRM industry in Asia

In this age of telecommunication, marketing communication has undergone a dynamic change especially in Asia, from being over the counter to over the telecom devices. Now for customer care activities, a company need not open a counter or a shop where customers will stand in queue and solve their problems. Rather most of such activities are conducted over phone, mail, and website and of course over the counter.

Customer relationship management has taken the shape of an industry and marketing communication in Asia, today offers the largest openings for entry level jobs. Fluency in English, basic computer skills, ability to cope up with tremendous extension of working hours are the desired qualification for the jobs. Asia, with a high unemployment rate especially gainful employment is experiencing the rise in vacancies in marketing communication division of CRM industry.

TelCos and CRM

Telecom giants are stressing on effective marketing communication to acquire greater brand visibility and market capitalization, here in Asia. In countries like USA and elsewhere, this system were already in place, but gained a new momentum due to outsourcing boom. Automatic data capture, transfer, and interpret - these three activities were laid due importance in Europe and USA, because of certain factors like:

  • Scarcity of trained human resources meant to answer customer calls
  • High cost of investment in putting HR in operation for 24*7 hours for 365 days
  • Strict laws and regulation regarding working hours, pay scale and other allied rules meant for employing a fresher
  • High mobility of the HR and volatility of HR market with respect to changing places and jobs frequently

But due to lack of proper system and structure here in Asia, the CRM industry in context to marketing communication did not face that many hurdles to set itself up. Here, apart from automatic data capture, transfer, and interpretation activities, HR factor plays the primary role of customer care.

Brand Adherence and Marketing Communication in Asia and Worldwide

Domestic and international companies felt the need of retain customers and increase brand adherence. Learn more on retention and marketing communication.

This is because of the proven fact that 20% of the customers yield 80% profit for most of the companies, hence it is better to retain this 20%. This retention activity saw emergence of loyalty programs like offering points on every new purchases, membership cards and forums, especial discount offer, freebies in form of movie tickets, sports and travel etc.

All these and much more are actually the strongest weapon the marketing communication arsenal whether in Asia or in Europe. Asian consumers, since unknown to all these techniques are feeling more important than ever to a particular company and their demand for better customer service is on the rise. Since the market is flooded with too many same products or services from different companies, the competition paved the way to add more jargons like event management, public relations, direct marketing etc. in this marketing communication category, especially in Asia.

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