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Successful Marketing & Communications for Your Firm

Effective marketing communications in Asia and outside, has become a key player in any company's growth potential. The most successful companies are those, that have a dynamic marketing strategy that interacts with customers very well.

Do you have strong public relations with your customers? Are your marketing communications strategies with them on a personal and approachable note? Are your clients national, based in Asia or global?

Whatever your marketing and communications need, Penner-Madison has the answer for you. Based in Thailand for over six years, we are now a leading name in Asia in marketing solutions.

A Vision to Develop Your Business

In marketing communications, we are one of the foremost companies in Asia, specializing in providing public relation strategies. Running and expanding your business is difficult, but not impossible. We understand what goes into the work you do, and we share your goals and dreams to make your business a success.

We look into your company, analyze its work pattern, frame objectives and establish benchmarks, and recommend and implement marketing communications strategies, all relative to the scale and size of your firm. We aim at solving your problems, defining your objectives and incorporating measures most effective and appropriate for your business in Asia.

We meet your requirements to the letter by applying qualitative and quantitative techniques which will produce measurable results, generate higher sales and revenue, and retain customer profitability, whether they be localized, national, based in Asia or international.

Customized Solutions for Your Needs

Penner-Madison's marketing communications team for Asia, comprises of multi-disciplined and cross-functional executives. We have extensive research experience in market segmentation, consumer behaviour, and brand analysis. Our research profiles hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals all over Asia.

What this means for you is better customer relationships, more cost-effective promotion for your product, and better sales campaigns. Our marketing & communications approach is customized for each business type and our improvement plans and recommendations are customer-focused (specially for client-base in Thailand and Asia).

Whatever your need, we provide the right marketing communications solutions for you. Our clients include small firms to large corporate organizations, some of which are Aidea Publicists (Singapore), Heidelberg Asia, Reuters Software, and Sun Microsystems (Thailand).

Our Services

Being a market research leader in Asia, we make use of all available resources to achieve optimal results, enabling you to make strategic business decisions. Our marketing & communications services cover a wide range of activities that meet your requirements. Broadly, they comprise of the following:

  • Public Relations (consultancy, program management, and support services)
  • Direct Marketing (target segmentation, campaign management, and database management)
  • Advertising
  • Events, invitations, database and document management

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