Want to be Visible in the Market?

Any idea what brand visibility means? Guessing…. Ok. Can you remember which is the product you come across with, say once in every half an hour? It differs from Coke to Marlboro, right?! So don't' you think these brands are more visible in the market than anything else. Yes making your brand visible is a fine art in marketing communications. And, if you are offering your brand in Asia, then this article is just for you. Here, we will discuss the art of marketing communications in Thailand.

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About Asian Market

Known as the sleeping tiger, Asia is now opening its doors to world commodities. It now offers one of the biggest consumer markets after USA. Different economy has its effect in consumption power, taste and habit of people. Hence, almost every company, large or small, sooner or later is targeting Asian market to boost their sales. One, who knows marketing communications in Asia, is the marketing guru.

Singapore, Thailand, China, India, Bangladesh are said to be the green valley for goods ranging from electronics to packed ready made eateries. Cars and drinks (both soft and hard) are the best sold goods, apart from computer peripherals, telecommunication products and yes of course medicines!. With such a variety of markets, marketing communications in Thailand, has become more challenging to consultants whether in direct marketing or public relations.

A Glimpse of Best Selling Brands

Nokia mobiles
Levis Jeans
Lays chips
Star sports

There are others also. Here, we have mentioned those, which you and me can identify with, in our daily lives. But how these foreign brands have mastered the art of marketing communications in Thailand, to target a cautious and often a conservative consumer? By smart branding. And one thing they have followed, is a continuous and systematic brand visibility approach in their marketing plan. Whether in direct marketing, or in public relations, or even in event organization, they have been very, very consistent and systematic.

A Few Case Studies

Benson and Hedges, yes the Cigarette Company. is famous in Asia today. But to target this market, they do not come up with advertisement in all dailies and in 365 days. But they found a novel way to catch Asian consumers.

Sponsorships. Yes, they are today one of the best sponsors of sports like, football and cricket (two most exciting sports in Asia). Know how sponsorships and public relation activity can help in effective marketing communication.

Johnny Walker, the hard drink manufacturer, did not target local liquor shops as a part of their direct marketing campaign. But they targeted the elite class of consumers, either from service level or from business category, featuring themselves in sports like polo, snooker and targeting 5 start hotels. Event promotion in elite clubs and private parties is one of the best method to reach out toa niche customer for a hard drink manufacturer. The company had done that.

Coke, spending crores in advertising, but selectively target the youth of Asia. Selecting icon figures, from films to sports, holding events for MTV as well promoting pub culture and lounging bars, coke has done a clever marketing communication.

In all these, in common we see, being always visible does not mean getting more sales. But visibility is attached to awareness.

Smart Marketing

With the world offering a more choice of product to Asian consumers, marketing communications in Thailand has become more complex. The tool most marketing consultant's employ for better brand visibility is:

  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • Event organization
  • Direct Marketing

At a Glance

You, who are entrepreneurs, big or small, must remember that communication is the key word to market yourself. Leveraging on the product USP, forming a product portfolio is first needed. The portfolio must have:

  • A product literature - highlighting the USP
  • The competitive edge - how it is better than others
  • Why you - why the consumer must choose this
  • The company's background and
  • About yourself

Media communications is best for a better brand visibility. Here's a few Don'ts -

  • Do not approach all newspapers with your product portfolio. Target relevant ones.
  • Do not advertise regularly, but keeping a proper interval, yet being constantly visible in the market.
  • Do not go for big marketing options initially, but slowly, after you have a few clients.

With upcoming technology, big companies are spending more in infrastructure promotion in Thailand, you will find some countries better developed than others. People in some area are having a more choice of products then others. In some regions fast lives are not yet in fashion, but people seems to like the idea of leading a fast life. Trendsetters are not welcome openly. Yes, Asian market offers more rocks than any other market. Hence, marketing communications in Thailand is a technique as well as a fine art.

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