Marketing Communication and You

What it is?

Well, communication is the key word for all of us either personally or professionally. You, who know how to communicate properly, must be successful in relating your views and thoughts to those around you. Communication is not about just conveying your message verbally. It's more.

Communication is about sharing your emotions, feelings, respect, caring, concern, and eagerness. Yes, for professionals, marketing communications is an art to convince a client, retain them, and serve them with care. Professionals in marketing communications, whether in Asia or worldwide, are in demand, to boost business image of a company.

What it Mean?

Communication means expressing yourself to others. When it comes to marketing communication in Asia or worldwide, it means much more. Marketing communication for a company means sending across your brand message to your customers. It also signifies your services customized for your clients. Yes, this individualistic approach in marketing communication, whether in Europe, Asia or USA, gives the customer a feeling of being someone important.

Words are not the only means of marketing communication. But little gestures like calling your clients periodically, asking about their business, suggesting certain tips for them, or even sending a note along with a printed article relevant for their business etc. all comes under the art of marketing communication.

If you have a number of customers, then maintaining a profile for them with their consumption habits would be more desirable. Using that database, a phone call, or an email to inform them about your new launches or plain exchanging a few pleseanteries falls under marketing communications. One wonderful idea to retain your customers through marketing communication in Asia and worldwide, is asking them to fill up a form. A typical customer interaction form may look like this:

Your Name: _________

Your Birth Date: ________

Your Address: _________

Your Spouse's Birth date: _________

E mail Address: _________

Your favorite Color/ Dish/restaurant/ hobby (anything) ____________

Using these forms, you can form a database of your customers. And marketing communication starts from there. Occasional mails, birthday wish, token of favorites are some of the tools which draws the customers to your brand or store. These are then your marketing communication tools. Remember that customers' mind world over remains the same. All wants them to be remembered, acknowledged and make them important. So marketing communication whether in Asia or America, more or less follows a certain predefined trend.

The trick is to be creative and novel in approaching your clients. Learn more on this subject.

A Case Study

Once we went to new eatery outlet. After finishing our dinner, we were requested to fill up a form, like the one shown above. We received a bouquet on our wedding anniversary from that outlet, after a few months. Please note that we now frequent that shop and are offered some discounts too. Often when it's booked full, we are given special notice to arrange for seats sooner.

The shop was smart enough to encash upon this marketing communication technique. Undoubtedly, the appeal of this incident will remain the same even if you are based outside Asia.

Marketing communication in Asia and worldwide got a wider coverage mainly due to credit card companies. Yes, often they send their clients, mailers, news -letters, discount offers, and others. This not only fetches them business, but makes their brand constantly visible in the market.

Start Today!

So, start your marketing communication today. Reach out to your market. The more you do, the more your brand is noticed. Simple greeting exchanges with possible prospects will also make a difference to your business. It will not only spread a word about your politeness and welcoming attitude, but also generate a favorable thoughts in the customers' and others' minds.

Do not have to embark on expensive propositions of printing and mailing cards, neither sending small gifts, but a warm smile, helping attitude without being pushy for your service/product will help you win a lot more of the market.

Marketing communication in Asia and worldwide is getting imbibed with creative ideas and novel tools. Follow the trend, you will be noticed.

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