Public Relations Consultant

Public Relations Firms to Strengthen Your Business Ties
Penner-Madison is a leading Public Relations Consultant firm in Thailand, and with six years of marketing communication experience in hand, we provide services to help you reach out to the people to effect a more valuable presence in the business arena.

Our efforts are designed to create a dynamic business environment for you. We develop a thorough understanding of your business needs. As a public relations consultant we bring you means of more effective communication that will elevate your business above your competitors.

Commitment to Your Business Growth

For your business to excel, you need to maintain strong public relations. Effective public relations strategies are necessary to strengthen such ties with the people around you.

Having a wide array of experience as a public relations consultant, our work philosophy holds our clients in the highest esteem and we incorporate your goals, desires, visions and perspectives into our work. This will increase sales with lower costs, create a name for your company, build your brand, and generates a value.

As a public relations consultant, we seek only the best for your concern, teaming up with us is not a one-time activity. By partnering with us, in the long run, will create value to your business and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Pushing forward your Brand

Being a public relations consultant, we present recommendations and develop programs that let you enter into the marketplace with greater impact. Highlighing your USP is not enough but building a name of respectbility, reliability and quality is what you need.

Our public relations programs and propaganda campaigns, focus on increasing your exposure and influencing public opinion. We develop media relations, meet with your clients, use problem-solving methods to mobilize market.

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The Right Choice

Our work policy employs the norm of providing measurable results to meet objectives within specified time limits. Our public relations consultant team consists of trained staff in various disciplines who work parallel to your business activities and implement methods to develop your ties with consumers and effects public opinion.

Yes, we can cliam that we are the right public relations consultant firm that incorporates modern techniques and uses smart market communication strategy to get you a better brand visibility.

Our clients comprise global as well as national firms--Sun Microsystems (Thailand), Siam Canadian Foods, Jobs DB (Thailand), VERITAS Software, Heidelberg Asia, and many more--and our public relations consultant services are of the highest level of professionalism.

We, do not act as a public relations consultant, while entering in a contract with you. Rather we act as a marketing communication specialist and imlemement practical public relations strategies to bring you more milege for your business. Click here to know more about our public relations consultancy services and others....

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