Public Relations Specialist

Efficient Public Relations to Expand Your Business

Penner-Madison is a public relations specialist in the field of marketing management. Over the past six years, we have built up a reputation of providing excellent marketing and communication services to our clients.

We are a choice favorite for many companies, including names such as Reuters Software, Heidelberg Asia, Sun Microsystems (Thailand), VERITAS Software, and Palm (Singapore).

Providing Value to Your Brand

Whatever the business you do, it is imperative for you to maintain strong and stable public relations. A reputation is built over time, and it takes constancy and dedicated effort to keep it up. Do you feel the need for a public relations specialist for expert handling of your marketing needs? Penner-Madison is then the appropiate choice.

Image building and brand adherence are two key factors that goes on to make or break a business. A public relation specialist plays the role of a coordinator between the brand and the market. Click here to know more on our PR campaigns.

A Dynamic Business Environment

By creative thinking and strategic means to expand your business activities through promotional measures, we, as a public relations specialist, ensure more customer retention and loyalty.

We develop a deep and thorough understanding of your business to clearly identify your audience, then set objectives and implement strategies that will reach out to consumers in the most effective way. With the tried and proven methods of a public relations specialist, you will see measurable results that will build your reputation, increase customer response towards you, generate more sales and revenue.

Being a public relations specialist in this field for many years, we develop programs, meet with clients, work with the media, help with better advertising and ensure better communication that will highlight your brand's USP and bring about greater coverage to your business activities.

Business the Way You Want It

As a public relations specialist in this field, a strong and genuine commitment to the success for your firm is the backbone of our work ethics. It is directed at the growth of your concern, provide greater value to your business and set your brand apart from the competition.

At Penner-Madison, we help mobilize all available resources in hand and set up goals that will increase your exposure and meet objectives.

Our comprehensive market research data will enable you to compare, decide, analyze and approve of the best possible method to involve the customers. Our methodologies are the finest in the field, and, as a public relations specialist in this regard, we combine the best of resources, technology, manpower, skill and information.

Deriving Results that You Want

As a public relation specialist, we strategize -

  • Which media outlet to be targeted for more brand exposure
  • What market capturing technique to be implemented to draw attention of the customers
  • What brand message along with LOGO should make you a constantly visible brand
  • What upcoming and modern ways should you adopt to make your brand a dyanamic one

Our Assurance

We, ensure a total customer satisfaction and our public relation specialist programs are made flexible so that any change can be incorporated. We work as an integrated team closely with all our clients and leverage on team work.

We are a media communication secialist and consumer communication expert, thus, promising you to deliver the best from these twp potential outlets.

Penner-Madison, is the best public relation specialist firm in Thailand working for domestic and international clients.

Click here to learn more about our public relations services and marketing activities

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