Public Relations Thailand

Better PR Strategies for Your Business

Your company survives on what consumers think about you; it is their decision that boosts or stagnates your sales and services. This is where public relations in Thailand comes in.

This requires that you keep yourself updated on the evolving consumer attitude and know the likes, dislikes, preferences and tastes of customers. For most firms, such activity is a deviation from and beyond the scope of their routine business. That is why you need an advisor that profiles such customer behaviour and public relations in Thailand and outside.

Do you want a more dynamic business environment and better productivity out of your work? Do you need more for your firm by way of public relations in Thailand for greater coverage? We can help you.

Professional Help for Your Public Relations Needs

Penner-Madison is a leading firm in public relations in Thailand and around the world. We have six years of experience and marketing research in hand and our services have helped build up the public relation image of numerous firms.

Our clients in public relations in Thailand include names such as Novell Software (Thailand), Systems Union Software (Singapore), Heidelberg Asia, Reuters Software, Sun Microsystems (Thailand), and many other reputed organizations around the world.

We work with you to develop your business and expand its growth by focusing more on marketing activities and public relations in Thailand. We look into your business and study its activities, and then develop plans and programs that is most suited for your business type. Our customized approach examines what is best for your concern and makes recommendations that is most appropriate, economical and yet profitable for you.

An Approach Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Depending on the type and scale of your business and the resources available in hand, we use marketing tactics that will generate a positive public response. We develop programs in public relations in Thailand and other parts of Asia, meet clients, and create media relations to make your brand's USP more attractive than your competitors'.

This is done by analyzing your company and its product and studying in detail your customer profile. Trends in your industry are studied, consumer behaviour is predicted, and public relations schemes for Thailand based and global consumers are launched. Marketing and promotional campaigns are set in motion that will effectively target the audience and also look out for more potential customers.

Plans of marketing, communications and public relations, within and outside your business in Thailand, are also made more effective. Predetermined objectives are attained, hindrances and weak points in your business activities are identified and corrected, and problem-solving approaches are undertaken.

Our Range of Public Relations Services

On the whole, we develop your brand and build your reputation among other firms in the industry, and by aggressive PR methodologies, you get an edge over other firms in Thailand. It is an on-going process that will eventually reap rewards.

Our public relations services in Thailand and worldwide are extensive, and include the following:

  • Program management
  • Direct Marketing
  • Media relations
  • Advertising
  • Promotional campaigns and public involvement
  • Consultancy and support services

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